Wisdom from the Greatest Generation

O my people, listen to my instructions.
    Open your ears to what I am saying,
for I will speak to you in a parable.
I will teach you hidden lessons from our past—
stories we have heard and known,
    stories our ancestors handed down to us.
We will not hide these truths from our children;
    we will tell the next generation
about the glorious deeds of the Lord,
    about his power and his mighty wonders.
For he issued his laws to Jacob;
    he gave his instructions to Israel.
He commanded our ancestors
    to teach them to their children,
so the next generation might know them—
    even the children not yet born—
    and they in turn will teach their own children.
So each generation should set its hope anew on God,
    not forgetting his glorious miracles
    and obeying his commands.
Psalm 78

I’m thankful for my wise and wonderful Grandmother. My Gram is a treasure to everyone who knows her and especially to me. She has always provided wisdom and encouragement to me from the time I was very young. She is sharp in her intellect and kind in her actions. She has accomplished so much in her lifetime as a nurse and advocate for the elderly (She even made it into the New York Times!).

My Gram continues to amaze me with how she spends her time and her talents. For the recent election, she organized a van to take the residents in her community to vote.  She also collaborated with the municipalities to ensure that those who couldn’t get out to the polls were able to fill out an absentee ballot. She helps facilitate a current events discussion among her peers every Friday and takes classes at the University of Southern Maine. Did I mention she’s in her 80s?

My Gram has taught me so much about faith, family, work, love and what it means to be a woman of strength. She continues to pass her wisdom down through the generations, sharing her experience and her heart with my niece and nephew and even my friends. I can’t wait for my own children to get to spend time with her. She truly embodies what it means to be a part of the Greatest Generation.

Gram, thank you for being such a pillar of strength in my life. I cherish the time we spend together and am so looking forward to being a bigger part of your life in Maine. I love you so very much!